Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Back blogging dear Pimpirilinos!

Hello My DEAREST Pimpirilinos!
Well as you can see, I'm flying solo now....I'll write more about that soon. I am still the SAME as always, only with more life experiences now. I still live, laugh, love and stand for what I believe in! I am STILL your friend! And continually love all of you VERY MUCH!
It has been hard keeping up with people and updates while not having a blog. And since some of you readers don't have is just easier to update/keep in-touch through a blog...So here I am!
The name of the Blog "DengunAyuwn" means: (Dengun: language, tone, voice, sound) and (Ayuwn: happiness, joy) It is in "Mapudungun" the language of the "Mapuche" people (They are the indiginas of Chile) And if you know a bit of their history....You'll understand my personality ;) They are an amazing people! *I'm not saying that I am amazing...although I think I am ;)" lol!!! But understanding what these people have gone through, you can see some of them in me! I have yet to trace any ties to them, but I feel as if they were my own. They are almost non-excistant now...They no longer live in tribes, the few that are still left, live normal lives like regular people, and get together every once and a while to keep their traditions alive. Well, because I am from Chile, and I love the Mapuche I am with my "Dengun Ayuwn".
Quick update: Bo and I have separated since the beginning of May. I am now moving to SLC UT where I will attend UofU (Architecture). I started working selling pest control for the Summer with Doug's company (for those of you who know Doug) I've loved every minute of it! Health wise, my head is well....although I did receive a hit from a crazy girl at work (really crazy girl) and gave me a concussion, internal bleeding and swelling in the left side of the brain. I was pretty bad for a while..but I'm getting better (still dizzy, but recovering). Also I had ovarian surgery (to remove some calcifications that were found inside my ovaries)....Recovering from that too...while packing to move, finding an apt in UT, working and dealing with the divorce uff! it's been a little crazy! But isn't always crazy around me?! lol! Life happens, and I am just the main character of my own story! I'm living my story, learning on the way, and loving every minute of it.
Well Pimpirilinos, this is it for now...Looking forward to the e-mails I get from my posts!
I love all of you!
Yours Truly looly!

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